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Holbourn Integrated Therapy

Holbourn Integrated Therapy (HIT) was established in 2005 by Dr. Jennifer Holbourn. Dr. Holbourn’s vision is to have a clinic that promotes healing by creating a positive environment as well as an expertise in treatment. Every patient gets hands-on physcial therapy treatment and one-on-one time to optimize and implement a treatment plan.

HIT is a one clinic business located in the heart of Memphis near Overton square and in the Midtown area. Dr. Holbourn chose this area as she was drawn to the lifestyle and people of Midtown and Memphis, as well as the older buildings and character of the city.

Located on South Cooper street our state of the art facility offering eight individual treatment rooms and the newest in physical therapy equipment. We offer the highest level of rehabilitation treatment and patient care. Our clinic is decorated with fine art and antique furniture to give a very comforting healing environment and make our patients feel at home. We provide a full line of exercise and treatment equipment that promotes excellent care.

Dr. Jennifer Holbourn

Dr. Jennifer Holbourn

Receiving her initial Physical Therapy training in England, Dr. Holbourn specialized as a manual therapist early in her career. She received her master's degree in Utah in 1996 and her doctorate in 2004. Her aim has always been to give optimum individual care to each patient in a positive environment. “Memphis has become my home, I live in midtown so I wanted to have my clinic there. I love the people and the culture of Memphis!" she said.

Adrian Holbourn

Adrian Holbourn

Born in Norway, Adrian Holbourn moved to the states in 1994. He graduated from UCF in Orlando as an accountant. He worked in a few accounting departments for large corporations before coming to HIT as the general manager.

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