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Regain Your Strength and Flexibility

Visit our office to learn therapeutic exercises in Memphis, TN

Whether you're dealing with stiff joints or want to strengthen your muscles, you'll find the relief you've been searching for at Holbourn Integrated Therapy. We teach our patients a variety of therapeutic exercises to help them overcome their recurring symptoms. Our therapists will help you stretch tight tissues, mobilize your joints and strengthen weakened muscles.

Get back to living a healthy, active lifestyle. Visit our office in Memphis, Tennessee today to see which therapeutic exercises would best benefit you.

We'll tailor your treatment to your specific needs

When you visit Holbourn Integrated Therapy, one of our dedicated therapists will customize your treatment regimen so you can recover quickly. We'll work with you to decrease muscle guarding and improve:

  • Joint motion
  • Posture
  • Blood flow
Your therapist will also teach you therapeutic exercises you can do in your Memphis, TN home. Call 901-272-2822 now to schedule your consultation.