I have been a patient at HIT for about 3 months. The integrity and experience of the therapists have been outstanding. Not only do they help tremendously while I am at therapy, but they instruct me on exercises I can do to get stronger and healthier while I am at home. Jonathon and Dr. Mike don’t just give me therapy; they explain what each procedure does and how it relates to my condition. I have had therapy at other clinics, and it was nowhere near the excellent treatment I have received at HIT. I would strongly recommend HIT to anyone who wants to get professional, caring, knowledgable treatment.. 5/5!!


When I came to HIT after my stay in the hospital, I was stuck in a wheelchair. I couldn’t feel or move anything below my ankles. Their caring staff and personalized exercise regiments have helped me gain back feeling. Now I can get around school unassisted and I’m ready to go back to work. It’s been a very positive experience. 5/5!


I would like it to be known that the services I recieved from Dr. Holbourn at Holbourn Integrated Therapy were more than excellent! Holbourn Integrated Therapy is not on the list of therapists I am able to use for my insurance and therefore I pay them out of pocket. Having been to two different therapists, I can honestly and wholeheartedly say that.... when someone is as professional, knowledgable and compassionate in their work it really means a lot.


"Results matter. IT Band problems left me largely sidelined from races for well over a decade. Every treatment option you can imagine I tried. I went to big name orthopedic groups who simply gave me cortisone shots and sent me on my way. PT groups gave me pages of stretches and strengthening exercises. I went to yoga and pilates classes. I tried rolfing, active release therapy, and myofascial release with limited results. I spent hours on foam rollers and trigger point massage balls. None of it worked.
After two sessions with Dr. Holbourn I ran a 50k (31 miles) with no knee problems at all. This was farther than I’ve run without knee pain in over a decade. The results speak for themselves. Dr. Holbourn helped me and she can help you. Call her now."

Jon Mosteller

"I received excellent services from Dr. Holbourn and her staff at Holbourn Integrated Therapy. Dr. Holbourn is very professional, knowledgeable and compassionate in her work. I went to her after I had foot surgery and she got me up and mobile in a month and a half. She was caring and she catered to my specific needs and for that I'm forever grateful."

Catherine B.

"I really enjoy the supportive and encouraging atmosphere at this clinic. It's more holistic than clinically institutionalized market like. I feel like I've gotten so much better in more ways than just physically, my emotional inspiration is back!"